New Balance LOVE/hate Campaign 2008 (Drew)

In 2008 New Balance launched a campaign to promote the brand and their Balance Running shoes. The LOVE/hate campaign highlighted runners’ complex love/hate relationship with running. The new innovations in running shoes were introduced in the context of runners who face disillusionment and discouragement, who feel like quitting their relationship with running. A 60 second TV advert ‘Anthem’ was released which conveyed the brand message, which was then followed by four 30 second spots, ‘Bench’, ‘Party’, ‘Rain’ and ‘Shower’, each featuring a different model of shoe.


“You were in a relationship with running. A love/hate relationship. Running kicks you out of a warm and cosy bed into a cold hard world. Running calls you at all hours of the night. Running gets you up at the crack of dawn and keeps you at practice long after play has left the building. Every day with running is a question of your commitment. And running’s not afraid to ask. Yes my friend it is a complex and torrid affair. It is a constant balance, a balance between joy and pain, work and play, a balance between love and hate. Everything we do is geared toward tipping the balance. This is the new balance.”


“You broke up with running last week. And now you see running everywhere, looking really really good. The 768 Stability system, optimal support for long stable relationships with running. Love running more.”


“You have given running your entire summer vacation. You have given running an hour before and an hour after practice, your Saturday mornings and your late night. And what has running given you? Just a half step in overtime. The 8508 with NB zip energy return. The more you give the more you get. Love running more.”


“Running knows when you’ve cheated on it. Running knows when temptation may lead you astray. Running knows when you’re thinking of calling the whole thing off. But both you and running know you won’t. Nothing spices a relationship like a hot sweaty makeup run. The 1062 Cushioning System keeps things smooth between you and running. Love running more.”


“Your relationship with running has been tough lately and today you’ve been thinking of calling the whole thing off. But you know that running has a very hot friend called Victory and one day maybe, just maybe, menage a trois. The Sonic Speed collection dedicated to increasing your love of running. Sports Authority Dedicated to the dedicated.”


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