New Balance Total Fit Campaign 2009 (Drew)

In 2009 New Balance released their Total Fit campaign. This campaign was designed to continue and build upon the themes and messages put forward to the consumer in their LOVE/hate campaign. The multi-media campaign utilized television, print, and online advertising to reach performance and fitness runners/athletes with a primary media target of 25-34 year olds. The brand also made an increased investment around the campaign’s launch at the store level with distinctive POS displays, ‘Total Fit specialist’ appearances, and a ‘Find Your Total Fit’ instant win sweepstakes. The print, online and in-store elements expanded on the brand’s Total Fit philosophy with messaging around New Balance’s 88 critical points of fit that ensure the perfect fit for athletes/consumers, while the TV spots reinforced the essence of the runner’s love/hate struggle with running and introduced the Total Fit concept within that context as a proof point that Total Fit helps you love running more. Both spots end with a product animation that visually represents New Balance’s Total Fit proposition and highlights the men’s and women’s 769 running shoe.

Total Fit

First Mile

“The first mile hates seeing you running. It would rather you just go back to the couch. Though, both you and running know, there are other things to look forward to…like the second mile. Only New Balance Total Fit offers you a fit from every angle, so you can hate the first mile less and love running more”.


“The morning is jealous of your relationship with running. The bed whispers, “Don’t leave. What do you seeing in running anyway?” But somewhere in the back of your mind is the thought of the perfect mile, politely telling the bed to, “Shut up”. Only New Balance offers you 88 points of Total Fit, so you can hate the morning less and love running more”.


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