Nike Premium Print Pack (Julia)

  • Nike Sportswear’s latest project
  • References to eco-trends and the rapidly dissolving print world, this series is sure to launch with a bang in the beginning of January 2011.

Boss, M. 2010 ‘Nike Premium Print Pack’ Trendland. Available at accessed 17/02/11

  • Strayed from the concept that the silhouette of the shoe should be the centerpiece of look.
  • The Blazer, Air Rift and Flash Macro form the Premium Print Pack.
  • Each features an upper comprised of recycled magazines to create a very unique aesthetic.
  • The shoes feature a treatment over the exterior to allow visibility of the magazine pattern without sacrificing durability and weather-resistance. 2010 ‘Nike Premium Print Pack: Blazer, Air Rift, Flash Macro’ Available at accessed 17/02/11

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