Brand Mooks – Japan (Julia)

  • Japanese publisher Takarajimasha has released a range of mooks, a cross between a magazine and a book, featuring a fashion brand continuously since 2004.
  • Each one of the 170 titles now published has a different brand attached to it, as well as a special gift with purchase for a price of around €9.
  • Distributed through convenience book stores
  • Particularly popular among young consumers
  • For the brands involved with the mooks, the biggest benefit is in the sales promotion
  • Gaku Iida, senior executive director of LeSportsac Japan Co Ltd, who oversaw the publishing of 600,000 copies of the LeSportsac mook in April 2010, says: “The people who buy the mooks are the people who are interested in the brand. The impact was so significant – advertorials and above-the-line advertisement is no match for it.”
  • Inside the mook, new product launches for items as far as six months ahead were introduced, and inquiries for patterns continued to pour into directly operated stores thereafter.

Mooks in Libro Ikebukuro store, Japan

Sugie, J. 2010 ”Brand Mooks: Japan’s Hit Advertising Model’ The Senken, Available at accessed 17/02/11


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