Eurobest Advertising Festival 2011 (Julia)


  • honesty
  • craft
  • community-based projects
  • innovative imagery combined with a transparent attitude and sense of humour
  • altruism
  • craft
  • traditional storytelling
  • authenticity (at least as a tool to regain consumer trust)


“Brands are behaviours. Get under their skin, find an overarching theme and use it to your advantage. If you find out what core values make it tick, then you’re halfway there.” James Hilton, AKQA’s chief creative officer.

  • Hope and benevolence are the new symbols for this generation. They expect so much more from marketing,” says Initiative’s Kendra Hatcher-King
  • One of the biggest messages was to view campaigns as constantly evolving projects. Contagious magazine founder Paul Kemp-Robertson said, “keep the dialogue going, make it multifaceted, engaging and meaningful.”
  • Nick Brian, CEO of McCann Worldgroup, said: “These tools (social networking) enable those in the community to fundamentally shape brand identity, and we have to be there with them. It’s not just storytelling, it’s community involvement now.”
  • The speed at which messages can now be conveyed is drastically reshaping the way brands approach marketing. In Coca Cola’s 2010 I-Village campaign, visitors to the annual summer festival in Israel were given electronic wristbands that contained their Facebook username and password. ‘Like’ boxes were fitted throughout the venue – and visitors were encouraged to swipe their wristband, instantly updating their Facebook page and providing the best example of instantaneous marketing all year
  • Increased speed, however, means brands must react in real time, responding to consumer needs and shaping their campaigns as the feedback streams in.

Attwood, C. 2011 ‘Eurobest 2011: Conference Report’ WGSN. Available at accessed 17/02/11


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