Nike Grid (Julia)

  • Athletes could win points by running between designated phoneboxes, proving they had completed the distance by dialling Nike’s freephone number and entering a unique gaming code
  • Individuals and teams – either a maximum of 12 people or a university team – battled to become the champions of their postcodes Nike published the winners’ names on local phoneboxes
  • Nine people completed the circuit across all 48 postcodes and one player ran the equivalent of three marathons in the first 36 hours of the game
  • The freephone hotline received over 62,000 phonecalls
  • Altogether, players covered 12,500 miles over the course of the game
  • Facebook was an integral part of communciating with the demographic – designated page for the Grid, where participants could display achievements and report progress
  • Campaign’s creators resolved to deal with problems on the page asap; the page was monitored around the clock throughout the event.
  • The Nike Grid Facebook page received 4,705 Likes

Weinbren, E. 2010 ‘Nike Grid: Targeting The Digital Generation’  WGSN,  Available at accessed 17/02/11


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