Top 10 Marketing Trends for 2011 (Julia)

  • Advertising on the iPad, particularly via apps – this year consumers will download more apps from Apple’s online store than they do tunes.
  • Brands’ understanding of how to use social networks will improve
  • Death of the ad agency as brands demand services that go far beyond advertising; agencies are restructuring into marketing communications behemoths that can do everything from product design to live event management.
  • Branded videos; this year we expect brands to employ traditional storytelling techniques to create genuine dramas that we can follow online or via social media fan pages. Less gloss, more depth: welcome to the future of branded content.
  • Personalised marketing, online and on mobiles
  • Print media and books will become more luxurious to differentiate themselves from their online competitors.
  • Noughties nostalgia
  • Hollywood versus live – movies or theatre?
  • China-centric marketing grows as does their spending power and influence
  • 3D advertising

Tungate, M. 2011 ‘2011 Marketing Trends: Top Ten’ WGSN. Available at: accessed 17/02/11


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