Sneaker Head by Jay Wise (Julia)

Jay Wise is quickly creating a buzz online with his new track titled “Sneaker Head”. The New York wordsmith takes a sample from “Addiction” by Ryan Leslie and Cassie and uses it to express his addiction for sneakers and how they make him feel.

It was love at first sight / with my first pair of nikes/ the grape jordan 5 / made me feel like I could fly / these bo jackson’s / will always be classic / like reeboks / I feel like I need detox / so don’t question any of my answers / I’ll cross you in my questions from the answer / I stay strapped like a pair of air raid’s / or the grape 8′s / please no fake apes / cause the gray bapes / are more like my fav apes / them chuck tayors have me feeling like dre day / I’m like pharrell for real in these ice creams / it like I feel like my heal got a light beam / in those glow in darks / the year of the dogs / kermit the frog’s / look it up on the blogs/ maybe nice kicks / hypebeast for hype shit / dunk hi wu tang all about my fly kicks

2nd verse

I’m so addicted / house made of sneaker boxes if I get evicted / I am just kidding / maybe I’m not / I stand for some hours on a line on the block / just to cop at the spot / I’m so addicted for those marge simpson’s / is like I put the tip in / start twitching / sneaker junkie / waste my food money / on the air yeezy’s now I’m feeling hungry / but feel flyer / giggady giggady when I’m in the quagmire’s / the peacock ‘s is fire / the haze got me higher / i’m talking about the dunks / or when i’m pumping my pumps just to make the tighter / so keep pumping / air max 95 they help me help running / chasing my dreams / or am I chasing a high I don’t know how it seems / I’m just trying to stay fly / I’m a fean and I know it I’m just trying to get by

3rd verse

See These Philippine air force’s / got me feel like Pac Man no lose’s / Mr. and Mrs. Pacman’s so awesome / gold supra’s limited you I got em / there is no Robin / when I’m wearing the batman’s / waiting for the concord’s just to come back man / chilling with some pigeon’s / grilling at my pigeon’s / undefeated 4′s got me so addicted / this is my addiction

// //


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