Ways You Know You’re a Sneakerhead (Julia)

Taken from Kicks On Fire. Worth a look at theit videos, forums and blog

1. You do not wear certain sneakers to parties/clubs because you are afraid someone is going to step on them.

2. The first thing you notice on everyone is their shoes.

3. You want multiple pairs of the same shoe.

4. Your computer background is an Air Jordan.

5. The first thing that you when you get a fresh pair of shoes is hold them to your face like a oxygen mask and inhale.

6. You clean your shoes after every wear.

7. You know a fake shoe when you see it.

8. You know all the release date for Jordans.

9. Your room is a mess but your sneaker boxes are packed neatly in one corner.

10. You keep a sneaker cleaning kit handy.


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