Adidas Guerilla Gardening Campaign (Julia)

What is the adidas Grün collection about?
adidas Grün is a collection of footwear and apparel for men and women that minimises its environmental impact by being as efficient as possible with the use of the natural resources involved in its production and packaging. It was created in response to increasing consumer awareness of the importance of sustainability.

adidas Grün is distinguished from other ‘eco’ collections by its clear labeling system that explains the environmental credentials of each part of the collection.

The Shoes

Marketing: Collaboration with Dazed and Confused

In 2008, Adidas and Dazed Digital transformed the urban environment with highly dangerous guerrilla gardening. Swapping spraycans for seed-planters, tags for tulip bulbs, and murals for magnolias, we crept in under the cover of night, and changing the city’s more unsightly corners into artistic patches of flowers, plants and greenery.

We asked, is there a roundabout or underpass near you that could do with a bit of brightening up? Then grab your gloves, start spraying your seed- bombs, and get guerrilla gardening. Once readers created a perfect urban oasis, we asked them to take a photograph and upload it. The public were then the judges, voting for their favourites and the ten best entrants will saw their work featured in an issue of Dazed and won bundles of Adidas gear. Together we turned these grey urban landscapes green.

With submissions from all over the world, such as entries from Melbourne to Athens and Sao Paulo, we witnessed an inventive and eclectic myriad of artworks using gloriously colourful floral installations to teeny tiny pot plants and garden pitchforks. We also presented some of Tara Darby’s photos of horti-sculptures by three artists who’ve collaborated with Dazed and Adidias on the project.


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