Nike The Black Mamba Campaign 2011 (Drew)

The Nike ‘Black Mamba’ Campaign focuses on raising the awarenes of Nike’s ‘Zoom Kobe VI’ shoes. In the run up to the Basketball All Star Weekend a much hyped 6 minute spot directed by Robert Rodriguez was released. ‘The Black Mamba,’ is essentially a hyper cliched exploitation-style plot – multiple villains (Danny Trejo as “The Crippler,” Bruce Willis as “Mr Suave”), set against an urban wasteland reminiscent of Sin City (which Rodriguez directed). The film cuts between action scenes, and shots of Kobe and Rodriguez running through the story boards. The grand finale is firmly tongue-in-cheek, and as sensible as a Mortal Kombat movie: Kanye West as “The Boss,” commanding a team of demon ballers, a helicopter escape, a basketball bomb.

A social media campaign also ties into the film with Nike encouraging their followers to tweet about the shoes and the film regularly. Thay hav a target of how many people have to tweet about them per hour for more content to be released.


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