The Chronicles of Bench (Julia)

Integrated brand campaign by Bench for SS11 . Good use of narrative and storytelling throughout with humorous, creative imagery. Emphasis on history and core association with music, strengthened by the use of an underground track. Interesting take on the trend for authenticity within advertising for 2011.

Bench launch major new integrated brand campaign.

Global clothing brand Bench continues to set itself apart with the launch of a new multi-channel communications campaign; ‘Chronicles of Bench.’

This is a major step forward for the label as it continues its rapid global expansion. For the first time it adopts a brand line ‘More Real’, representing the brand’s confident attitude and solidarity with the people who wear its clothes.

‘Chronicles of Bench’ showcases the brand’s history and rise to prominence by telling the stories of key moments along the brand’s timeline. The twist is that the stories are somewhat fabricated. In a market where tall tales abound of ‘more authentic than thou’ claims, Bench are prepared to have a little fun and make a feature of it, highlighting the brand’s core function, making real clothes for real people.

Continuing Bench’s ongoing dance music association, the campaign’s retail video features the first play of the track ‘Machine Clap’ from Filthy Dukes, one of the UK’s most celebrated underground electronic music acts, taken from their forthcoming EP.

Visuals were shot by Sean de Sparengo of Coy! Communications, and Jim Yeomans of Ampbox.

Dance Ad

Bench Exhibition Display at Bread & Butter, January 2011

Bench Exhibition Display at Bread and Butter, January 2011

Bench Exhibition Stand at Bread and Butter, January 2011


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