New Diesel Shoe Video Campaign Kicks Ass, Literally. (Toni)

“Diesel Sneakers look great on you. But they look much better kicking someone’s ass.” That’s the motto of Diesel’s new viral shoe campaign, which is kicking ass and taking names all over the web. Diesel’s kick-ass campaign started a few days ago when they posted a video to their Facebook page of a giant Diesel shoe kicking a giant ass on wheels. Sound weird? Yeah, it is a little weird. But the campaign continues, with five new videos proving that Diesel makes one kick ass sneaker.

The most popular video features a huge, flabby butt that wobbles for a whopping 21:03 seconds after being kicked by a Diesel shoe, proving that “Diesel Sneakers deliver more A.W.S. (Ass Wobbling per Second) than any other sneaker.”

The other videos include a Diesel Ballet called ‘The Dying Swan’s Ass’, a video introduction to the ass-kicking sneaker of the future, an ass kicking training video, and more. All of the videos can be seen on the Diesel Planet YouTube channel.

As part of the campaign, Diesel has also added an interactive Ass-Kicking Performance section to their website where you can choose a sneaker, choose an ass and select a kicking style to do some ass kicking of your own. I chose the Clawster show, the “Dentist who recommends toothpastes on TV commercials’ ass” and the Back Heel kick. Check out the screenshot below.


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