Week One 14-02-11 to 21-02-11 (Drew)

Initial Reactions

I recieved the shoes at work and straight after opening the shoes a colleague sitting next to me expressed an interest in the shoes, saying she really liked the design and colouring of the shoes and has proceeded to comment on the shoes and has shown an interest in the brand as she had not heard about them before. I’ve spotted her browsing the New Balance website more than once after seeing the shoes this week.

Other comments about the shoes came from an array of friends and colleagues. However, not all were possitive. One of my colleagues expressed a dislike for the shoes. She said they were to ‘grey’ for shoes and looked like they were designed for women instead of men.

Another co-worker seemed very interested in the shoes and said they rememinded her of shoes from the 80’s, which, as it happens, is when my shoes were designed.

The friends I regularly run with commented on my improved posture whilst out on a 5km run and that the shoes support made them think about purchasing their own pairs.

A few comments had been made on the colour of the shoe saying that they were far too grey and why didn’t I go for a more colourful version, I explained that there were more colours in the range to suit many styles of people.

I was asked about the brand many times in the week, usually resulting in the person either knowing of the brand loosely but not really having any idea on what they were actually like, or not knowing the brand at all. Some people thought the “N” for New Balance stood for Nike.

Overall in the beginning period of wearing the shoes I have noticed more comments about these shoes than any other I have worn.

My Own Opinion

My first impression of the shoe was the design, at first I wasn’t too sure as wear very low profile shoes however I haven’t looked back as the design is pleasing and the shoe is extremely comfortable offering great support. I really love the grey colour scheme as I can wear them on the way to work and not look to silly.

Though the shoe is primarily a running shoe I found them to be a great all rounder. One use I was very happy with was that the stiff sole allowed me to wear them on my bike with maximum comfort. Using the shoe for running is a joy as they combine the right level of support and the toe design really helps you push forward on strides. For generally everyday use they are awesome due to the great comfort from the padding.


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