Fashion V Sport (Julia)

V&A Exhibition Guide

“Whilst for some, sportswear allows them to remain unnoticed among the mass of people wearing trainers and tracksuit tops, for others it is ameans simultaneously to differentiate themselves from this mass, and to align themselves with a particular group of people and shared identity. In some instances this happens at the micro-level, as small groups of friends find their individual styles converging around a shared ‘look’.” Page 71

“For many of the people in the Nottingham sample, personalisation of dress was achieved through detailing, exemplifying what philosopher Giles Lipovetsky terms ‘marginal differentiation’: new fashion styles differing from previous ones only in terms of small changes in cut, style of accessorization. Page 75

“This demonstrates the tension Simmel identified as common to all people, between being an accepted part of a social group and being elevated from it. For him, what differentiates social and sartorial types (such ass the bohemian, or the dandy) is the balance between two factors. So it is in the case of sportswear: some adopt it to be ‘unseen’. others to align themselves to a group or to develop a personal style. In each case, the variant is the relative emphasis upon blending in or becoming distinctive. Sportswear as everyday dress can be understood as a manifestation of the tension between uniformity and individuality, rather than as a defined categorisation of types, where some are designed as ‘inidividuals’ and others as ‘conformists’. It appears that this understanding of the adoption of sportwear is relative to those in the fashionable ‘know’ and those who are not.” Page 77


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