Howies Poem (Julia)

i am not a runner. but i like to run.

I like to feel the squish of sand underfoot

To feel the dawn wind

To hear the birds

To learn my strengths and weaknesses

To be out there

To switch off

To go to another place

To smell that summer has arrived

To clear my mind

To see the wood for the trees

To stand outside myself for a bit

To do something simple, dull and repetitive

To give problems some perspective

To enjoy the freedom

To hear the quiet

To feel tired and worn out

To beat that part of me that wants to stop

To feel that feeling I get afterwards

Don’t call me a runner

I just like to run


A poem I read years ago in a Howies catalogue. I think it sums up nicely the feeling you get when you run and also the reasons why many people run.


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