JD Interview (Toni)


Interview Questions

New Balance
Does your shop stock New Balance? How is the brand received by your consumers? Do many consumers know much about the brand? What do you (and your staff) know about the brand? In your opinion, are the range of sizes (widths and half sizes) offered by New Balance a key selling point?

  • No, they no longer focus on performance they are now more on lifestyle and clothing.
  • They do occasional stock new Balance but not often
  • It’s not a stores choice it is a company choice.

Buying Process
Do customers come in with a specific idea of what they want or do they rely heavily on your help? Does where the shoes are positioned in the shop affect
how well they sell? What factors do you think most influence consumers who are unsure of whether or not to purchase?

  • Yes many customers do come in with a certain type of trainer in mind.
  • The company have specific VM – with window displays with all the best sellers and trainers they want to push – highlighting footwear before a customer walks through the door. A trolley of shoes when they walk through the door and then when a customer walks in then go straight to the left and so the first thing they will see are the trainers.
  • The wall of shoes are divided by categories – with just one block dedicated to Nike Air running shoes and the rest being lifestyle – the Nike Air’s outsells the lifestyle shoes even though they are a ¼ of the size.
  • All shoes which are the best sellers or those they are trying to push are positioned at eye level – as it draws the consumer in.

Bestsellers/Current Trends
Which trainers are your bestsellers at the moment? What do you think is driving the popularity of these trainers? Have you noticed any particular trends that
customers are buying into at the moment?

  • Best seller is the Adidas PT – It is a new version of an older shoe = giving it some heritage.
  • It has become really big as it started by selling them in understated/ minimalist and basic colours at first but in varied sizes – including halves. But then it did a massive stock of different and desirable colour ways.
  • The shoe then became huge but meant a lack of stock making them more popular as they become more desirable.
  • Good service is a big thing if a customer isn’t sure. Knowledge of the product, politeness and attentiveness is key to convince a customer to buy.

What ad campaigns have you found to be successful at converting sales? Are there any communication strategies (promotional material, VM etc) that you
think work well for trainer brands?

  • No they are reluctant to be involved in ad campaigns – but don’t really have a specific reason they are going from strength to strength so there is no need
  • They feature on Adidas ads and people seem to know what they can buy from JD.
  • They only promote at certain times of the year pre Christmas and pre summer.
  • They have the advantage that they are under the umbrella of JD, Size? And Bank therefore meaning a lot of communication which is critical for determining trends etc.


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