Opportunity 3: Enriching the Urban Canvas (Toni)

Surrounded by the urban panoply, many time-starved, choice-rich, smartphone clutching CITYSUMERS look to brands to bring them ever more varied and instantaneous experiences, especially if those experiences are fast-paced, transient interesting, physical, interactive etc. Some recent examples:

  • In November 2010, US luxury label Ralph Lauren showcased a ‘four dimensional’ display on the facade of its stores in New York and London to celebrate the tenth anniversary of RalphLauren.com. Montages of Ralph Lauren imagery were projected onto the buildings and the audience could ‘feel’ the images floating into the space towards them. The images were combined with music and fragrances for an extra special experience.
  • In July 2010, Volvo London’s Starlite Urban Drive-In featured a full-sized, outdoor screen along with 25 pre-parked Volvo cars, ready for patrons’ viewing, reminiscing and snacking pleasure.
  • As part of London’s Design Festival in September 2010, German car manufacturer Audi unveiled eight robotic arms from their factory and put them on show in Trafalgar Square. Users who visited Outrace.org could send a message to the robots, which was then traced in the air with LEDs.

  • Adidas has added Hamburg to their Urban Art Guide app, following the success of the Berlin edition which highlighted the city’s best graffiti spots.

  • Snickers, the chocolate bar brand, host festivals of youth street culture in various cities across Russia and Mexico. ‘Snickers Urbania’ features nearly all major areas of street culture: extreme sports, graffiti, breakdancing, beatbox, freestyle, and encourages young people to express themselves and their talent.

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