CITYSUMERS – The future consumption areana is Urban (Toni)

February/March 2011 | As rapid urbanization is one of the biggest macro trends of our time, you can’t go wrong innovating for existing and newly minted ‘CITYSUMERS’ around the world. Enjoy!

We flagged URBANMOICS as one of our 11 Crucial Consumer Trends for 2011, but given urbanization is one of the absolute ‘mega macro’ trends for the coming decade, here’s a dedicated Trend Briefing focusing on just one of the implications of rampant urbanization: the rise of the CITYSUMER. A definition:

CITYSUMERS | The hundreds of millions (and growing!) of experienced and sophisticated urbanites*, from San Francisco to Shanghai to São Paulo, who are ever more demanding and more open-minded, but also more proud, more connected, more spontaneous and more try-out-prone, eagerly snapping up a whole host of new urban goods, services, experiences, campaigns and conversations.

* To be absolutely clear, in this briefing we focus on urban consumers who have some level of disposable income. We’ll save a full briefing to examine Botton of the urban pyrmid consumption in emerging markets, which brings its own challenges (and often-overlooked opportunities) for businesses. Equally we’re certainly not just referring here to the somewhat mythical (and certainly over-hyped) transnational elite – just how many “global nomads” are there? 😉

Here are just three drivers behind the CITYSUMERS trend:

  1. The huge increase in the number of urban dwellers all around the world (URBAN BOOM).
  2. The ever-increasing wealth and power of cities and those who live in them (URBAN MIGHT).
  3. The spread of urban culture and values (URBANE).

Serving these CITYSUMERS obviously requires brands to tailor products and campaigns to savvy urban audiences: for anything from practical reasons (offering appropriate shapes, sizes and features of urban goods and services) to showing the brand ‘gets’ it (addressing busy and diverse lifestyles) to contributing to the quest for social and environmental sustainability.

But first, a bit more detail on the growing urban consumption arena:


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