Graffiti Artist Ozkar Gorgias Turns 12 Year of Old Sneakers Into Art (Toni)

Street artist and photographer Ozkar Gorgias has spent the past 12 years creating graffiti around Europe painting abandoned buildings, subways and roof tops. With him throughout the journey were many pairs of well-worn sneakers. A hazard of the occupation, these simple shoes became splattered with his paint and dirt. Only an artist would think to display the grungy shoes, but his creation is remarkable. Titled “12 years Graffiti writing”, ” Ozkar Gorgias photographed 12 pairs of his Jackson-Pollock-esque shoes on a white background. The piece functions as a documentary of Gorgias’ transitory work as well as his process. It might not be what 12 years of my footwear would look like (there would be heels, lots of heels.) but exploring the past through possessions is an interesting way to explore functionality, consumerism and our impulse to hold onto personal belongings.

What would a display of your footwear say about you? Which of your items do you think you will still have in 12 years?


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