Office Interview (Toni)

Interview Questions

New Balance
Examples: Does your shop stock New Balance? How is the brand received by your consumers? Do many consumers know much about the brand? What do you (and your staff) know about the brand? In your opinion, are the range of sizes (widths and half sizes) offered by New Balance a key selling point?

  • They no longer stock New Balance as they did not sell well

Buying Process
Examples: Do customers come in with a specific idea of what they want or do they rely heavily on your help? Does where the shoes are positioned in the shop affect how well they sell? What factors do you think most influence consumers who are unsure of whether or not to purchase?

  • 50/50 most know what they want – they encourage people if they go in and Office don’t have what they want they will guild them somewhere else
  • Trainers are harder to sell to women
  • Vans, Toms and Converses are the biggest sellers
  • The motto is eye level – buy level
  • They have brand training every season – give  all the staff some background information to enable them to sell them

Bestsellers/Current Trends
Examples: Which trainers are your bestsellers at the moment? What do you think is driving the popularity of these trainers? Have you noticed any particular trends that customers are buying into at the moment?

  • Best sellers – Van authentic
  • Plimsolls are big
  • Retro Adidas always sell well
  • Sports unisex shoes are put into brands
  • Best sellers are in the window and situated on the biggest wall in the shop as soon as you walk in
  • Half term and pay days have a big influence on sales

Examples: What ad campaigns have you found to be successful at converting sales? Are there any communication strategies (promotional material, VM etc) that you think work well for trainer brands?#

  • Office – focus more on lifestyle
  • Offspring – there sister brand have more fancy trainers
  • Mainly focus on VM in the window and they have a VM bully who comes in every week to mould the store and advertise sometimes what they want to push.
  • There location is good but weather dependant as people don’t want to walk around in the rain – so tend to stay around the Victoria centre. However Bridlesmith gate was voted the best street in the country by Drapers.


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