Schuh Interview (Toni)

Interview Questions

New Balance
Examples: Does your shop stock New Balance? How is the brand received by your consumers? Do many consumers know much about the brand? What do you (and your staff) know about the brand? In your opinion, are the range of sizes (widths and half sizes) offered by New Balance a key selling point?

  • They stock New Balance but they don’t sell well as they are not perceived as fashionable.
  • They were located on a trolley on the edge next too some similar shoes from Eithas – therefore having a similar logo and look = making it difficult to see and promote New Balance.
  • They have had reps in to teach them about New Balance but not everyone was present
  • The manager we spoke to said he does not like them (Might affect his attitude to sell)
  • New balance are big on widths and selling half sizes but all Schuh had was a size 11 ½

Buying Process
Examples: Do customers come in with a specific idea of what they want or do they rely heavily on your help? Does where the shoes are positioned in the shop affect how well they sell? What factors do you think most influence consumers who are unsure of whether or not to purchase?

  • The majority already know what they want.
  • Best selling brand are located at the front of the store in the window and the walls, everything else is on trolleys or at the back of the store.
  • They do offer advice if a customers need it and is having difficulty at deciding on a shoe. The sales team have been briefed on guiding them what other colour shoes they have, what they like, what sort of clothes they could wear the shoes with to help them make the sale.

Bestsellers/Current Trends
Examples: Which trainers are your bestsellers at the moment? What do you think is driving the popularity of these trainers? Have you noticed any particular trends that customers are buying into at the moment?

  • Men’s best seller is Vans Authentic
  • Women’s best seller is tall black converses
  • The vans are big as they are very versatile – boys can’t wear trainers out so vans are a comfortable and smarter alternative.
  • Sport and running shoes do not sell well
  • Since the refit and new design of the shop, Schuh have seen an increase in women in the shop then men.

Examples: What ad campaigns have you found to be successful at converting sales? Are there any communication strategies (promotional material, VM etc) that you think work well for trainer brands?

  • Best selling lines are always in the window.
  • Schuh use telephone boxes to advertise rather than TV.
  • They are doing a TV ad this summer in relation to the 30th anniversary and having a party shoe bus travelling around-( they will do it around the bank holiday weekend in August.
  • Walls are best for selling shoes.


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