Converse and Marimekko (Toni)

A playful marriage of Finnish patterns and classic American sneakers

by Ami Kealoha in Style on  7 February 2011maricon11.jpg

Unveiling a new model, reissue and pitch-perfect collaboration, Converse’s triple-threat announcement today builds on the brand’s commitment to making everyday sportswear with playfully wearable style. For their spring collection, Converse partnered with Marimekko, sourcing patterns—the colorful Tarha (1963) and the looping scaly Pikkusuomu (1965) by Annika Rimala and the tiny triangles of the Kirppu (1980) by Maija and Kristina Isola—from the Finnish textile house’s archives.

maricon12.jpgThe work of some of Marimekko’s most iconic designers, the graphics also speak to Marimekko’s modern art influence—as explained in the mini-documentary Converse made about the project.

maricon2.jpg maricon3.jpg

The partnership brings the bold prints to both classic hi and low Chucks (around $80)  as well as to two more surprising profiles—Helen ($75), a slightly more feminine Purcell named for Jack Purcell’s wife and reproduced stich-for-stitich, along with the PJ ($75-85), a brand-new look that’s slim and thin-soled, like a classic ’50s sneaker.

maricon5.jpgPackaged with equally cute shoe bags in matching prints, look out for the collection this spring on and at premium retailers.


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