These Questlove Dunk Collection shoes are my favorite of all the Nikes I’ve seen released so far.

Inspired by the mid-80s era of American television, the Questlove Dunk Collection draws inspiration from various sitcoms that The Roots’ drummer watched as a child. More specifically, the design is based on an episode of a show, in which a guy has a replica of an expensive shirt made by his sister only to have it go horribly wrong. The idea of imperfection is what Questlove wanted to showcase in this shoe concept.

The sneakers themselves are leather-made high-tops that come in two styles. One is your standard basketball shoe while the other has the same design but with an additional overlay. There’s also a silhouette of Questlove’s head with his afro comb in his hair on the bottom back side and the tongue of the shoe. The Questlove Nike Dunk kicks will be available March 5th in selected Nike Sportswear retailers nationwide.


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