Size? Interview Questions (Toni)


Examples: Does your shop stock New Balance? How is the brand received by your consumers? Do many consumers know much about the brand? What do you (and your staff) know about the brand? In your opinion, are the range of sizes (widths and half sizes) offered by New Balance a key selling point?

  • Limited packs always sell well
  • Made in UK – is a more expensive range so only real trainer lovers or shoe fans normally buys those
  • Only sell medium widths in store
  • Older men are the ones who tend to buy NB more
  • People who are not fussed about trainers don’t buy them that much due to the style –not being very ‘it’
  • The manager Paul – really likes NB – he has about 12 pair his favourites being the 1500 – he likes the design.

Buying Process

Examples: Do customers come in with a specific idea of what they want or do they rely heavily on your help? Does where the shoes are positioned in the shop affect
how well they sell? What factors do you think most influence consumers who are unsure of whether or not to purchase?

  • Consumers have an idea of what they want when they come in
  • NB have not got good street cred with youth
  • If a costumer wanted a comfortable running shoe they would sway them towards NB
  • Seems a big trait that people buy shoes and the colour of the shoes to match theirfootball kit
  • The shop is laid out in sections =  running – basketball- leisure
  • They do their own VM in store – top sellers from the front – back

Bestsellers/Current Trends

Examples: Which trainers are your bestsellers at the moment? What do you think is driving the popularity of these trainers? Have you noticed any particular trends that
customers are buying into at the moment?

  • Nike Cuncki best seller
  • Due to it being a small shop – best sellers change each week and one will out do another by one buy
  • Adidas always sells well
  • Top sellers are always in the window
  • Trainer colours tend to sell in line with consumers football teams.


  • Examples: What ad campaigns have you found to be successful at converting sales? Are there any communications strategies (promotional material, VM etc) that you
    think work well for trainer brands?
  • There is 15 new adverts across the city – billboards – posters etc
  • No TV as much but have been linked to some adverts
  • No You Tube –  main focus is on W of M
  • They have a lot of loyal customers
  • Best stores are Carnaby street in the South and Leeds in the North
  • Heritage brand are big – works well


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