Week Two & Three 22-02-11 to 6-03-11 (Drew)

During these two weeks I have been telling people about the brand, where it’s made, how they are made and the benefits I have received such as support during running and durability when walking.

I am now wearing the New Balance shoes all the time, even during work and I have been receiving a lot of comments. Normally, the comments are along the lines of not being aware of New Balance as a brand. Often they believe the N was a new take on the Nike logo. Another usual comment from younger colleagues is they they are ‘old man shoes’.

People who noticed the shoes in the first week have still asked me about them. I started by focusing on informing them about how they are handmade in the UK. Upon asking them if this something that would appeal to them. The fact the shoe was British and handmade was certainly something that was well received and seemed to have swayed peoples spending habits away from other brands.  When I focused on how they are very comfy to walk in and provide a lot of support while running in them, this increased their interested in the shoe further.

I was asked by my running group about the shoes and the benefits regularly as hardly any of the members had heard of New Balance, though they had seen them but said they looked a bit “uncool”. One comment I received was from a good friend of mine who upon seeing then asked me all about them as he had seen them when looking for a new pair of running shoes. Though interested he did say they weren’t very cool however the benefits could outweigh that.


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