Adiverse Virtual Wall (Julia)

adidas & Intel’s adiverse Virtual Wall: VM inspiration

By Claire Dickinson, WGSN, 28 February 2011

adidas and Intel have teamed up with branding agency Start Creative to create the adiverse Virtual Footwear Wall – a new, interactive retail installation that allows customers to access an entire product database at the touch of a finger.

adidas and Intel, together with Start Creative, have created the adiverse Virtual Footwear Wall, an interactive retail installation that allows customers to access an entire product database at the touch of a finger. The wall will allow even the smallest of retail outlets the opportunity to showcase the entire flagship range and e-commerce range to customers
  • The initiative is set to revolutionise the way people shop, merging the virtual world with reality. With the ever-growing success of e-commerce, it is pivotal that retailers begin to engage and stimulate customers in new ways
  • Dave Judge, creative director of Start JudgeGill, said: “Start JudgeGill are developing many ‘connected retail’ projects for a number of blue-chip retailers around the globe, as this ‘rebirth of retail’ reaches its tipping point, and retailers have to plug in to their customers’ connected lifestyles. We believe that the future of retailing lies in bringing together the best of digital media, interactivity and product presentation to offer extraordinary and complementary retail experiences in store, of which adiverse is a perfect example. We truly believe innovations such as this will not only drive sales, but will radically change the face of retailing and the way consumers interact with retail brands and their products.”
  • The enhanced shopping experience is able to practically tailor a product to fit the customer’s need, based on demographics. adiverse is able to detect the gender of approaching customers and therefore present a much more refined search, containing only relevant products. Furthermore, customers are able to search by sport with the option to learn about the technology and materials used in each shoe
  • Once selected, the shoe can be fully rotated and viewed at any possible angle, enhancing the virtual product and bringing it to life. There is also a zoom function allowing customers to view minute details
  • In addition to the virtual wall’s product database, adiverse also doubles up as an entertainment station, informing customers of, for example, how many goals were scored with each football boot at the last World Cup, as well as video footage of the boot in action
  • Another element that ensures the concept is revolutionary and contemporary is the live link to social-networking feeds such as Twitter. Customers can read comments about the products before purchasing, and, in a sense, try before they buy
  • Although adidas has not yet made any concrete plans to use the adiverse wall in store, it was debuted at the National Retail Federation Expo 2011 in New York and was well received. Once the virtual footwear wall has become a reality, adidas has plans to expand the idea across other product areas including apparel and accessories in stores worldwide


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