Demographic Segments (Julia)

Sunshine Teens (12 – 19)

  • Optimistic, practical, motivated, connected 
  • Over 50% likely to have lived through their parents divorce
  • They act older than they are – have own credit cards
  • Read Teen Vogue, visit teen spas, wear MAC make up 
  • Log on – Networks, chat rooms, uploading, blogs are about creating communities, not informing
  • Loyal to ideas not brands

New Milennials (20 – 30)

  • Optimistic, confident and positive 
  • Co-operative, team players, believe in their own collective powers
  • Buy into new technologies
  • Demand flexible working conditions 
  • Brands and organisations need to have strong moral, ethical and environmental outlooks
  • Expect a greater say in the decision making process
  • HEIDI’s fall into this group

Generation X (30 – 40)

  • Ironic, cynical  
  • Grew up with Care bears, Fresh Price, MTV & Grunge
  • Often portrayed as underemployed, distrustful
  • Take part in Native Aping – pretending to be native when visiting foreign countries 
  • Given to chronic travelling at the expense of long term stability or permanent residence
  • Words like Authentic, Real, Downshifting are important
  • TIREDS fall into this group (Thirty something, Independent, Radical, Drop outs)

Future Laboratory notes taken from Michelles’ Segmentation lecture in the first year.


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