Nike 78 Project + A Few Favourite Outcomes (Julia)

A rich source of visual and creative inspiration. Worth a browse.

Nike78 Logo

NIKE78 is an exciting new project created by Paul Jenkins and inspired by NIKE. Creatives involved will receive a brand new pair of NIKE shoes and will be asked to use sport as inspiration to challenge their function. The project will be documented on this website and after the shoes have been collected, an exhibition showcase is also planned. This is a unique project featuring some of the most talented creative individuals, studios and other organisations.

NIKE have been chosen as the inspiration for this project due to their rich history of creative ventures and the brand’s constant aim to push the boundaries of sport, something which NIKE78 will also seek to creatively challenge.

A few of my favourites – how could we find a creative, engaging way to sell New Balance?

Marathon Cake by Erica Dorm: The Marathon Cake is the edible negative calorific equivalent of a full-length marathon. It represents both the hard work put in and the ever-sweet reward after all the hard work. Currently available in white and dark chocolate with buttercream and raspberry laces, exclusively for NIKE78.

Go go go! Run run run! by Matthew Hams: Itʼd be nice sometimes if your trainers could offer you a little encouragement. Using hand made typography, my idea was for your trainers to start a conversation with you. Your answer, to Go! Run! Win!

NIKE78 – Nicola Ryan | ‘The Takeover’ from NIKE78 on Vimeo.

The Takeover:  The skin of a shoe: a skin that breaths, absorbs, stretches and ages. Like organic matter, its existence is a fine balance between life and decay. What could be lurking within just waiting to break out and flourish.

Go! by Matt Keers:  The components of the trainers explode in a sudden visual burst of energy representing the start of a race.


Poems from the Sole by KesselsKramers Amsterdam: What if we could read our memory from our shoes? Every time you take a step your shoe leaves a foot print, but what if your runs would be saved on your sole? The feelings, thoughts and stories people can have while running inspired me and I found a way of telling them. Five friends became poets and read their running experience from the soles of a pair of NIKE shoes


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