PCs over TVs? (Julia)

Britons are favouring PC’s over TV’s for evening entertainment at dinner time

By WGSN Newsteam, 07 March 2011

UK dinner time spent in front of the TV is being taken over by PC or laptop viewing, as a recent survey suggests that 60% of people are switching the way they watch programmes at evening meal times.

In the survey carried out by SeeSaw.com, over 20% of the 2,000 participants said they consume their dinner in front of a PC or laptop on a regularly basis, with 23% saying their PC had replaced the TV as the main source of evening entertainment

Findings from the survey revealed that the most popular programme viewed on computers was Come Dine With Me, with people looking for inspiration on what to cook.  Of those polled, a third said they are more likely to eat their dinner in front of a computer now than they were 12 months ago.

The websites platform controller, John Keeling said: “Millions of British people cannot tear themselves away from the internet, even for dinner.

“The growth of the PC dinner is a remarkable new trend and for many across the nation, has now replaced the traditional TV dinner.”



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