VM Trend: Automated Display (Julia)

Automated display: VM emerging trend

By Hayley Mills, WGSN, 29 November 2010

Mechanical displays have long been a favourite of the Christmas department store window but recent steps forward in technology have brought automated fixtures to the fore. The best examples blur the lines between the static and the digital, enhancing product and making it come to life. As e-commerce continues to  change the relationship between retailers and consumers, retailers more than ever need to think differently about the whole customer experience in their space.

Retail property consultants Jones Lang LaSalle summed it up well  in a recent article in Frame magazine, saying bricks-and-mortar retailers will have to become entertainers, compères and butlers – and throw off their purely transactional image. (Frame, issue 76: Sep/Oct 2010.)

The global recession has caused visual departments to cut back on their budgets, at a time when consumer demands are higher than ever. Although automated fixtures are not cheap, they have high-impact, value-driving footfall.

Automation should be used as a platform for interaction. Automated windows should interact with the viewer and entice them inside to find out more. Retailers can also consider using lenticular photographs as a cheaper alternative to create the illusion of movement within windows.


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