WGSN Millennials Research – See Videos (Julia)

Future Consumer Intelligence: five key consumer spending trends

By Leona Melius, WGSN, 28 December 2010

In a series of reports, WGSN rounds up some of the key ideas and information to have emerged from across the globe this week on how the future consumer will think, feel and act


Young people: representing new languages and behaviours

Brazilian trend analysis agency Box 1828 takes a close look at the millennial generation in We All Want to Be Young, a short film that investigates the social conditions this new generation of consumer has emerged from.

The movie was informed by a number of studies into the habits and attitudes of young people over the past five years and looks in particularlar at how technology is providing immense possibilities for this generation, referred to as “the catalysts of big changes”.

 We All Want to Be Young from box1824 on Vimeo.

WGSN analysis

Millennials – those born between 1980 and 2000 – rank highly in the consumer influencer stakes and their position as influencers seems fixed as they continue to directly sway consumer habits

This hybrid consumer is overwhelmed with information but is adept at finding ways to filter and absorb it. It is becoming increasingly important to remain relevant to this generation of consumer as their filter methods become faster and more brutal.

KS12 takes a look at the way millennials are thinking about the future of money and value.


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