Some Quotes from Blink (Toni)

“Book about those first 2 seconds to understand something”

“Our brain uses two very different strategies to make sense of a situation.
1 – Conscious Strategy = Logical and definitive – think what we have learnt and come up with the answer
2 – A system which reaches our brains conclusions immediately”

“Adaptive unconscious = Brain that leaps to the conclusion”

“Psychologist Timothy D. Wilson writes in his book Strangers to Ourselves: ‘The mind operates most efficiently by relegating a good deal of high level, sophisticated thinking to the unconscious…. The adaptive unconscious does an excellent job of sizing up the world, warning people of danger, setting goals, and initiating action in a sophistication and efficient manner'”

” We tend to only trust conscious decision-making, but: decisions made very quickly can be every bit as good as decisions made cautiously and deliberately”

“When people describe their man it is a conscious idea – one she believes she wants when she thinks about it. The real answer is not known – her actions will indicate more.”

“Thin Slicing – How our ability to get below the surface of a situation”

“I think there are facts about people’s appearance – their size or shape or colour or sex – that can trigger a very similar set of powerful associations. many people who look at Warren Harding saw how extraordinarily handsome and distinguished looking he was and jumped to the immediate and entirely unwarranted – conclusion that he was a man of many powerful connotations that it stopped the normal process of thinking deal in its tracks.
The Warren Harding error is the dark side of rapid cognition. it is at the root of a good deal of prejudice and discrimination. It’s why picking the right candidate for a job is so difficult and why, on more occasions than we may care to admit, utter mediocrity sometimes end up in positions of enormous responsibility. Part of what it means to take thin-slicing and first impressions seriously is accepting the fact that sometimes we can know more about someone or something in the blink of an eye than we can after months of study. But we also have to acknowledge and understand those circumstances when rapid cognition leads us astray.”

“Attitudes towards race and gender –
1 Conscious attitudes – this is what we choose to believe – stated values which we use to direct our behaviour deliberately
2- Unconscious – the immediate association that tumble out before we’ve even had time to think. We dont deliberately choose our unconscious attitudes”

“1/3 of CEO in USA are 6ft 2in or taller”

“When it comes to even the most important positions, our selection decisions are a good deal less rational than we think. we see a tall person and we swoon.”


“People may make a million snap judgements about a customer’s needs and state of mind, but never judge anyone on his or her appearance. Assume that everyone who walks in the door has the exact same chance of (buying a car)”

“First impressions can sometimes f*** you over”

“They see someone, and somehow they let the first impression they have about that person’s appearance drown out every other piece of information they manage to gather in the first instant.”

“We can change first impressions – alter the way we thin slice by changing the experience that comprise those impressions”

“Improvisation comedy is a wonderful example of the kind of thinking that Blink is about. It involves people making very sophisticated decisions on the spur of the moment, without the benefit of any kind of script of plot”




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