Up and Running Interview (Julia)

  • Spoke to Rob, the manager
  • Specialist running shop on Huntingdon Street
  • Stock New Balance
  • The general public are not as aware of New Balance as those in running circles who tend to know NB well
  • Some customers go in knowing more about New Balance’s lifestyle shoes than their running ones
  • The variety of widths available is a key selling point
  • Rob commented on how the older designs were quite bulky and ugly but said that the designs were sleeker
  • The staff get trained about New Balance
  • Some customers do talk and ask about New Balance
  • The sales advisers have a great influence over customers’ final decisions
  • Trends do not tend to affect running shoes  – the fit is more important than the aesthetics of the shoe
  • Once people try NB they tend to stay with them, however, that is true of other running shoes too as runners tend to like to stick with what works for them
  • Hadn’t seen the new ad campaign but he liked the LOVE/hate one
  • The numbering on the shoes often changes from year to year
  • Made In England sometimes influences peoples’ decisions
  • Limited editions for runners might be nice but they don’t yet do this
  • NBx range – more credible running shoes
  • Relationships between the brand and store are crucial – NB make returns easy and have integrity. They refused Sports Direct as a retailer due to the demands they could make to the brand, despite the fact that they could make a lot of money from such a partnership


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