The Coolest Uncool: Sarah’s Response (Julia)

Our Questions
We wondering if you would be willing to answer the following 3 questions as part of our research for the New Balance project?

1. What do you think of as cool?
2. What do you think of as uncool?
3. What’s the coolest uncool thing that you like, own or want?

Many thanks,

Toni, Drew and Julia

Sarah’s Answers
I think cool is about not trying too hard and about being eclectic in your taste.  I love Iris Apfel for that last reason!
Uncool is following the crowd but thinking that you’re being individual.  Or bad manners.
The uncoolest coolest thing is probably my dad’s jokes (he makes them up and you can see him thinking about them for ages with a grin on his face so we all know they’re coming!) – they’re absolutely rubbish but in secret I love them!

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