Week Four 07-03-11 to 12-03-11

This week I have noticed that a lot of people on my commute to and from work have been looking at my shoes which doesn’t usually happen when I wear different shoes.

I also went on a ‘boxercise’ class with colleagues this week. Not only were the shoes pretty comfy to wear during the class, but other members, who were predominately women, liked the shoes a lot and one older male did ask about them. I did mention about where the shoes were made and the benefits however they were a lot more interested in the style of the shoe especially the 80’s look. The majority of the people in the boxercise class were 35 or over.

Though I wouldn’t say the shoes were “cool” as such I would say they are a great pair of shoes to have which have received a lot of comments and I have honestly said they are very comfortable and great for purpose such as running, working out and general everyday walking.


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