That’s Cool – Vanessa Gill Brown’s DVC lecture (Toni)

  • ‘Cool’ is quiet a teenage word – but has now been passed into common use to mean good
  • How we define cool = trying too hard – fashionable
  • Cool is everywhere
  • Now n0-one wants to be good but cool
  • How do cool relate to consumer culture
    Its people’s opinion – i.e. Kurt Cobain – cigarettes, sunglasses
  • Cool can be subjective –
    ‘It’s not about what things are, but what values they represent to a given group at a given time’
  • The dandy – rival aristocracy – manors, style and wit – unshakable nerves
  • Hedonism, narcissism, irony – David Lachapellle – 1990’s – lots of drugs = cool
  • Irony – saying something other than what you mean – look of desire to play by the proper rules
  • Avant Guard – ‘before the rest’ associated with cool – before everyone else, ahead of the game, cutting edge – not a slave to fashion
  • Reason for the spread of cool – cool tactics
    ‘Could be equally useful for anyone who had lost respect for their society is dominate value system under pressure of war, persecution or corruption’ Poutain and Robins, 2000
  • Trends are like viruses – what is cool can be determined globally by a small group of influential (cool people)

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