Trainer Survey Responses Pt 2. (Julia)

Response Summary (Those who were unaware of New Balance before receiving the survey)

 Total Completed Survey: 12

1. Gender answered

  • Male 33.3%  (4)
  • Female 66.7%  (8)

2. Age

  • 18-24 – 50.0%  (6)
  • 25-31 – 16.7%  (2)
  • 31-37 – 8.3% (1)
  • 38-44 – 0.0%  (0)
  • 44+ – 25.0%  (3)

3. What is the main purpose of your trainers?

  • Sport & fitness 90.9%  (10)
  • Lifestyle 18.2%  (2)

4. Where do you buy trainers?

  • Multi-brand shoe retailers (e.g. Schuh, Office) 25.0% (3)
  • Multi-brand sports retailers (e.g JJB, JD Sports) 75.0% (9)
  • Branded stores (e.g. Niketown, The Puma Store) 8.3% (1)
  • Independent stores (e.g. Oi Polloi [Manchester]) 8.3% (1)
  • Online-only retailers (e.g. Hanon, ASOS) 25.0% (3)

5. Have you ever recommended a trainer brand or pair of trainers to a friend? 

  • Yes 58.3% (7)
  • No 41.7%  (5)

6. Would you be more inclined to buy a pair of trainers manufactured in the UK than a pair of trainers that was manufactured abroad?

  • Yes 16.7% (2)
  • No 83.3% (10)

 7. Please select the three most important factors to you when buying trainers answered question 

  • Brand 8.3% (1)
  • Fashionable/On trend 16.7% (2)
  • Comfort 83.3% (10)
  • Technology (e.g lightweight design) 66.7% (8)
  • Price 91.7% (11)
  • Limited edition 0.0% (0)
  • Country of manufacture 0.0% (0)
  • Ethical manufacture 8.3% (1)
  • Celebrity endorsement 0.0% (0)

8. Of the following brands, which would you consider buying trainers from?

  • Asics 41.7% (5)
  • Onitsuka Tiger 8.3% (1)
  • Keds 16.7% (2)
  • Nike 100.0% (120)
  • Adidas 83.3% (10)
  • Reebok 66.7% (8)
  • Vans 16.7% (2)
  • Converse 33.3% (4)
  • New Balance 25.0% (3)
  • Toms 8.3% (1)

9. For the brands you did not select in the question above, please give a brief description of why you would not consider buying trainers from them:

  • Not heard of them, or considered not as good
  • I require sports trainers, specifically for running, gym, circuits and non-astro sports. The brands not ticked I have either never heard of, or know would not really be suitable.
  • Brands unknown. Would buy if shop recommended them and they were comparatively priced.
  • The two ticked are tried and trusted for running and I am very happy with them.
  • No real reason, I’ve just never been interested in them before, and they’ve never appealed. Also, missing from your options in question 7, I buy trainers or footwear because I like them – not because they’re fashionable or anything like that. I just like them.
  • Converse and Vans I see as more casualwear manufacturers. Reebok I just feel isn’t as good as Adidas and Nike, and all the rest I’ve never heard of!
  • Have not heard of them
  • They seem fashion brands and not made for sport or I have not heard of them before i.e. Toms; New Balance
  • They are not renowned sports brands, I would be unsure of their quality.
  • Either not heard of them or I would consider them an unfashionable brand.
  • Brands not known to me but also I buy trainers for sport rather than fashion and the brands to me are fashion brands

10. For the last pair of trainers that you bought, describe briefly why you ended up buying the brand that you did. What influenced your decision? Even the smallest details are of interest to us.

  • Well known brand, comfortable, reasonably priced
  • Comfort – for the high frequency of use, need to be comfortable, and suitable for the particular sports I do frequently. Furthermore, price, as a student, could not spend too much on them. Finally, attractive design and well-known /trusted brand.
  • The trainers were comfortable and made by a brand I associated with quality.
  • All round multi-purpose trainer that was not specifically designed for one sports or leisure purpose and price
  • Bought them before and good for my biomemechanics when running
  • Price. Right now, I’m cycling through cheap pairs that wear quickly so go for price and a high turnover. Then I can bash them about and not worry too much. I like to look a bit scruffy – so spending money on trainers that I want to make look shit doesn’t make sense. P.S. if the smallest details are of interest to you, why ask people to describe their reasons ‘briefly’? Anyway, I hope I’ve given you enough…
  • Just the price, style, technology. Did the trainer look pleasing to the eye..did it look professional and look suitable as a sports shoe. When i tried it on was it comfortable and did it feel like it would support my foot whilst playing high impact sport. I’m not someone who goes for a trainer style because I think it’s the coolest or most fashionable. I play a lot of sport so i need a hard wearing, well made shoe that will not rub, and will assist in my sports playing, not hinder it.
  • they’re huge brands so automatically I  have faith that they’ll be a decent pair of trainers!
  • Adidas running trainer. New technology at a sensible price. Comfort important too.
  • My last trainers were asics, I bought them as I have shinsplints and the assistant in my local sports shop suggested them to me due to their compatibility to my step and style of running.
  • I wasn’t looking for trainers, just clothes shopping in Topman. I saw them on display and liked the look of them, they had my size, so I bought them.
  • ASICs because I had trouble at the time with pulling muscles and they offered an assessment of my jogging

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