WGSN Packaging As Product: Trend Analysis (Julia)

  • By Heloisa Righetto, WGSN, 06 January 2011

As consumers look for simpler, greener products, designers are keen to find clever solutions for what was previously destined to be disposed of .

Clever Little Bag by Fuseproject for Puma



One of 2010’s most talked-about products was Puma’s Clever Little Bag, designed by Fuseproject, which signalled that there is a lot designers can achieve when it comes to sustainable packaging. Utilising 65% less paper than a regular shoe box, Clever Little Bag also turns into a reusable sports or shopping bag.


Bow-Bow detergents six-pack by Studio Armadillo          Bobblers ice cream cup by JunFei

Southern Bells musical beer by Sam Gensburg

Cardboard record player by GGRP

Toys for grown-ups: WGSN loves the idea of using empty glass bottles as musical instruments and a cardboard sheet that functions as as a record player

We love cardboard

Form Function Fun by NTGJ


Form Function Fun by NTGJ

Chair made from cardboard boxes, by Roberta Faustini

 Hangerpak by Steve Haslip

Products that are as simple to assemble as the material they are made from
  • Calendar sheets are folded and transformed into CD and DVD cases
  • Form Function Fun is a pack for paper or brochures that can also be reused as laptop holder
  • Graphics and colour play a key role in this case, since brand names and logos can be lost after the product is transformed

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