WGSN S/S 12: Packaging Forecast (Julia)

By Chris Coleman & SabotagePKG, 30 November 2010

The WGSN Branding & Packaging team in collaboration with SabotagePKG identifies the three key directions for spring/summer 2012.

Primal Futurism: Raw/modern/engineered

Primal Futurism packaging explores the ancient and elemental to inspire a new modern-day aesthetic. Shape explores primitive ideas with modern techniques to form new highly engineered veneers.


Cinematic – Nostalgic/emotive/stylistic/1950s

Cinematic packaging is a new nostalgic aesthetic. Inspired by vintage packaging and the emotive movie poster designs of the 1950s. Cardboard construction and graphic communication are integral elements to this stylistic look.

JPEG Gen – Reappropriation/sliced/unexpected/absurd

JPEG Gen packaging is an homage to the next generation of creatives, where the unexpected, the absurd and the discordant form a new multilayered direction. Shape is reappropriated, sliced and reformed to create a new updated language.


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