Monday 14th February

Who Attended: Toni Peters, Julia O’Doherty, Drew Williams

Length of Meeting: 3pm – 4.30pm

Activities Completed and Things Discussed

  • Blog, Delicious and Flickr accounts
  • Critical time path
  • Reworked the proposal
  • Possible research methods – Questionnaire in the third week
  • Posting trainers to Graham at work
  • What Graham will do for the coming week
  • Research to be carried out in the next few days

Jobs to Be Completed for Next Meeting


  • Type up and email critical time path
  • Set up Delicious account
  • Email Drew the blog details
  • Upload Berlin Research
  • Research – WGSN


  • Type up and email minutes
  • Upload Berlin Research
  • Research – Campaigns


  • Write up questions for Graham to answer this week and email them to Julia and Toni
  • Research –Graphics and Trainers

Date of Next Meeting: Thursday 17th February

Next Meeting’s Aims

  • Fill Julia in about what happened on Tuesday and what Michael said
  • Split up next research

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