Monday 21st February

Who Attended: Toni Peters, Julia O’Doherty, Drew Williams

Length of Meeting: 12.30-1.30

Activities Completed and Things Discussed

  • What Graham could do this week
  • Further research findings
  • Survey questions
  • Focus groups and expert interviews

Jobs to Be Completed for Next Meeting


  • Type up first draft of survey questions
  • Get feedback from Igor on our survey
  • Type up and email minutes
  • Research – Trends


  • Email survey questions to Julia
  • Research – Ad campaigns


  • Email survey questions to Julia
  • Upload feedback from Graham
  • Research – Ad campaigns and graphics

ALL – Think about primary research and secondary continue research

Date of Next Meeting: Thursday 24th February, 1.3-2.30

Next Meeting’s Aims

  • Discuss focus groups and surveys
  • Ask Michelle about online focus groups and query whether or not New Balance make TV adverts

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