Thursday 10th March

Who Attended: Toni Peters, Julia O’Doherty, Drew Williams

Length of Meeting: 9:30am – 3:00pm

(Met up on Wednesday 9th March to do a deep dive with Graham from 7:45pm – 9:30pm)

Activities Completed and Things Discussed

  • Went through deep dive notes from the previous day and discussed findings
  • Wrote our marketing idea
  • Brainstormed creative ideas

Jobs to Be Completed for Next Meeting


  • Upload Up and Running interview
  • Put up Grahams deep dive notes
  • Upload WGSN reports
  • Upload information about ‘Six Hats Thinking’
  • Bring in/scan pages from Information is Beautiful
  • Send emails to Sarah, Matt, Helen, Michelle about what they consider to be the coolest uncool thing
  • Find Fred Perry advert and Howard and Hilda reference


  • Write up minutes
  • Upload photos from Manchester
  • Look in Cool shop on the way home
  • Upload DVC notes from Cool Lecture
  • Upload Shreddie’s knitted nanna’s ad
  • Email DVC tutors on what they consider to be the coolest uncool thing
  • Find Napoleon Dynamite and Granny adverts


  • Take photos of Graham and his belongings
  • Get a family photo of Grahm’s family
  • Upload Youtube clip from Armstrong and Miller
  • Show Graham the Nike 78 project and ask him his thoughts on the outcomes
  • Get Graham’s write up for this past week
  • Tell Graham to start asking people about their coolest uncool thing
  • Email Morgaine and Simon about what they consider to be coolest uncool thing

ALL – Research the marketing idea. Text friends about what they think is the coolest uncool.

Date of Next Meeting: Monday 14th March

Next Meeting’s Aims

  • Discuss research findings
  • See Graham’s pictures and analysis of week
  • Brainstorm the creative idea
  • Redo proposal

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