Tuesday 1st March

Who Attended: Toni Peters, Julia O’Doherty, Drew Williams

Length of Meeting: 1:00 – 3:00

Activities Completed and Things Discussed

  • Editing Proposal
  • Redesigning moodboards
  • Putting things on the blog

Jobs to Be Completed for Next Meeting


  • Notes and process of Evian campaign
  • Toni – Finish putting interviews up on the blog
  • Type up and email minutes


  • Play with layout of the mood board
  • Put up Graham’s thoughts and analysis of this last week

ALL – Finish putting stuff up on the blog

Date of Next Meeting: Monday 7th March

Next Meeting’s Aims

  • Discuss things to do in Manchester to make most use of our time
  • After viewing the trend briefings in the seminar – start discussing our ideas of how to move forward
  • Start analysing our findings on the blog to being the initial brainstorming for our campaign ideas

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