Authenticity Either Is Or Isn’t. (Toni)

Authenticity either is or isn’t.

When a brand pretends to be something it is not, the result generally backfires. Like this beautiful Chrysler “Style” commerical that demonstrates that yes, Chrysler was synonymous with American  style. The key word being WAS. Lesson: Even great advertising does not  make uncool, cool.

Which leads us to think of bygone eras and authentic brands that are no  more. Such as Benrus watches. Somehow the move to digital watches and  colourful plastic timepieces took the seriousness out of watches. Is this  good or bad? You decide for yourself but we are currently enamored with  the 1940 Benrus Sky Chief. Real numbers, real hands, serious black or  silver face, a real crown to wind it. Benrus Watch co. was founded in  New York City in the 1920s by Benjamin Lazarus. Benrus was the official  watch of the U.S. mail-carrying pilots of several cargo airlines. Known  at its peak as the “Official Watch of Famous Airlines,” it was the  official time piece of pilots at Delta, KLM, NWA and TWA. You can still  find some of the authentic Sky Chiefs, and by forking out $2,400 or so,  you may even be able to own one. – Bill Tikos


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