Trend Document Research: The Only Way Is Essex (Julia)

ITV2 launches ‘The Only Way is Essex’ webisodes on

ITV2 is to launch spin-off programming for its hit reality show “The Only Way is Essex'” along with a marketing campaign for the new series.
The Only Way is Essex: ITV2 show returns
The activity starts today with the launch of an exclusive music video for ‘I’m in Miami’ remixed as ‘I’m in Essex’ and featuring the cast.

The three minute video will be streamed through 30-second and 60-second versions have also been produced to promote the show.

Rob Farmer, director of viewer marketing at ITV, said: “This is the first campaign we’ve created that sits in the ITV2 schedule, as well as being tailored for interactivity and on-air promotion.

“The lines blur when you’re amplifying a piece of entertainment to reward fans and attract potential viewers. The return of what’s already an ITV2 classic warrants a sense of event.”

ITV will also air exclusive weekly online episodes of ‘The Only Way Is Essex: Don’t Shuttup!’, which will be available every Wednesday.

Users can sign up to access the online episodes, which will include features such as Best Tan of the Party and Tat of the Week. The show will also be available to purchase every Thursday from the iTunes store.

Facebook fans can also appear in the show using the ‘The Only Face Is Essex’ app. It consists of two short-form episodes – one for the guys and one for the girls – which use Facebook data to place online users into the action.

Robin Pembrooke, managing director of ITV Online and On Demand, said: “‘The Only Way is Essex’ is one of our fastest growing programme brands online with the first series attracting catch-up audiences that were almost equal to the linear transmission.

“This time around we’re really tapping into the social media buzz around the show in new and innovative ways that are sure to make this series bigger and better than ever.”

The Only Way is Essex music video was created and produced by ITV Creative and creative agency BBH.

Mark Banham, 09 March 2011, 1:58pm


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