Trend Document Research: Typographic Overlays (Julia)


By Alice Clarkson & Chris Coleman, WGSN, 11 October 2010

In line with WGSN’s autumn/winter 2010/11 macro trend Useful, we are seeing the print media pick up on the return to the roots of good, practical design and the use of strongtypographic statements.With a sophisticated cool, the print media is reconsidering its communication with the consumer. Simple and clean graphic design with a typographic focus is gracefully overlayed on to beautifulmood-inspiring photography. Portraiture is key, with interesting subjects often in desaturated colours to enhance the timeless yet contemporary mood.

  1. Typographically focused
  2. Atmospheric photography
  3. A return to good design
  4. Clean and simple
  5. Timeless
  • Use classic fonts families such as Gill Sans and Futura for an iconic feel
  • Large typographic compositions create interest on the page
  • Use the full bleed of the page to create a striking photographic statement
  • Editoral design, fashion advertising, cinama posters and blogs are all adopting this minimal style
  • This simple, unfussy approach creates a sophisticated mood
  • Subtle use of highlight colours againt the stark photography bring an extra depth to the style




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