Trend Document Research:Puma Social (Julia)

Puma social campaign creates a community of after hour athletes

Puma brings fun and irreverence to the sports sphere once again with the launch of ‘PUMA Social,’a new campaign bringing together after-hours athletes from around the world

BY: P.Chakravarty | Fri Feb 11, 2011
Aruliden for PUMA, Chalk ping pong table, Puma, Puma accessories, Puma shoes, PU

Are you a top shooter in foosball? A master at darts? A ping-pong sensation? Or a bowling wizard? If 5AM cab rides are more your style than 5AM runs, then PUMA Social was made for you. PUMA Social is where fans of old-school diversions can come together online and offline to share in social exchange and friendly competition.

The campaign is hinged by a number of elements including cheeky in-store adverts; a web and mobile application called Life Scoreboard—launched late last October–that allows users to keep a running score on anything and everything they want to turn into a competition; and a PUMA Social website that fuses PUMA-created and user-generated content that is updated dynamically on the site.

The website is designed to make it easy for PUMA Social-ites across the globe to share their own competitive scoreboards, connect with other users, and view party pictures and video from PUMA Social Clubs running in cities around the world. The site also enables users to generate points and fame by synching their social networking profiles (Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare). Additionally, PUMA Social Clubs are slated to open in key markets worldwide, beginning in Q4 2010 and extending into 2011.

“PUMA pioneered the idea of SportLifestyle and built our brand on having fun,” says Antonio Bertone, PUMA Chief Marketing Officer. “With the launch of PUMA Social, we are honoring groups of friends who know the joy of playing sports at the bar rather than at the gym. The campaign shuns the serious nature of organized sports and celebrates social sports that are timeless and authentic.”

The print and online ad campaign will feature groups of friends experiencing the nuanced and hilarious moments that only happen when people get together to bowl, play ping pong, sing karaoke or throw darts. The playful spirit of the PUMA brand is conveyed with sayings such as ‘Here’s to 5AM cabs, not 5AM runs;’ ‘Some marathons end at 6AM;’ ‘Sometimes victory is a phone number;’ and ‘Scoring leads to scoring.’ The PUMA Social ad campaign was created by PUMA’s lead advertising agency Droga5.

PUMA Social is about a distinct lifestyle rather than a specific product. Products that will be incorporated under the PUMA Social theme and featured in advertisements include iconic styles such as PUMA Suede and the T7 Track Jacket. The PUMA Suede is a classic basketball sneaker that is loved by collectors and non-collectors alike.

The upper is made of Suede, which is the flavour of the season, and hence the name. The PUMA Suede has been embraced by the hip-hop scene, complete with the matching fat laces. B-Boys adopted the Suede and it has become a timeless classic with its silhouette and streetwise swagger.

PUMA will also introduce a line of accessories that include t-shirts and ping pong paddles with more products to come. Last summer, PUMA unveiled the Chalk ping pong table, a modern update to the conventional ping pong table that features a write-on ceramic chalk surface. The Chalk table was designed by designed by Aruliden for PUMA.


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