Tuesday 22nd March

Who Attended: Toni Peters, Julia O’Doherty, Drew Williams

Length of Meeting: Toni – 8am – 4.45pm, 7pm – 9pm
Julia 11am – 9pm
Drew 10.20am – 9pm

Activities Completed and Things Discussed

  • Trend Document almost completed

Jobs to Be Completed for Next Meeting


  • Write minutes
  • Experiment with NB cut-out
  • Bring in white thread


  • Reference Page
  • Print CD cover and download video’s for CD
  • Bring in CD cases and blank CD’s
  • Bring in needle
  • Add trend research to blog


  • Complete the contents page

Date of Next Meeting: Wednesday 23rd March,

Next Meeting’s Aims

  • Cut out front cover
  • Proof read and check spacing is consistant
  • Insert all references
  • Add list of illustrations, references, bibliography
  • Package PDF
  • CD with PDF
  • Powerpoint on CD
  • Video’s on CD
  • Assemble trend document

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