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Trend Document Research: QR Codes (Julia)

Calvin Klein activates billboards with QR codes pushing mobile video ad

By Giselle Tsirulnik, July 29, 2010

Calvin Klein
The QR codes were found on billboards in NYC and LA

Calvin Klein incorporated QR codes on select billboards throughout New York and Los Angeles as part of an advertising campaign promoting the brand’s jeans.

Billboards at Houston and Lafayette Street and West 20th Street and 10th Avenue in New York, and one in Los Angeles at Sunset Boulevard and Havenhurst Drive, displayed a Calvin Klein QR code that gave device users access to a mobile video featuring model Lara Stone with male models A.J. Sid Ellisdon, Grayson Vaughan and Eric Anderson. Ace Group created the QR code aspect of the campaign.

“It was very successful and you will see QR codes continue to be integrated into our upcoming campaigns,” said Jennifer Crawford, vice president of corporate communications at Calvin Klein, New York.

Calls to Ace Group were not returned in time for press.

Skinny jeans

The Calvin Klein advertising campaign was centered around the company’s latest introduction, Calvin Klein Jeans X.

Both the billboard and the mobile video emphasized that the jeans are engineered to enhance and maximize aesthetics in a sultry way, with a lean and slim silhouette.

Mobile bar codes served as a means of connecting consumers to the campaign’s video, which was created by consulting creative director Fabien Baron of Baron & Baron.

Here is the video ad:

The brands’ Fall 2010 global print and outdoor advertising campaign was photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, also working in conjunction with Baron & Baron and CRK.

“Mobile bar codes are becoming a necessary element for brands to integrate into their cross-media initiatives whether out of home, online, television or print,” said Laura Marriott, board member at NeoMedia and former president of the Mobile Marketing Association.

“Mobile bar codes, whether QR or Datamatrix, allow a brand to energize their traditional or digital media buys,” she said. “For example, by embedding a mobile bar code on a billboard, they are able to activate the advertisement and engage the consumer on the go.”

NeoMedia was not involved in the Calvin Klein campaign. Ms. Marriott commented on the campaign as a third-party source.

Ms. Marriott said that analytics based on the consumer scan of a code could include time of day and location.

QR codes can help brands such as Calvin Klein make better purchase decisions around their advertising and ensure optimal use and communication of message. Although in their infancy, the potential for brands to leverage mobile bar codes in all of their initiatives is enormous.

Calvin’s code

The QR code included in Calvin Klein’s billboard allowed consumers to scan at street level to view the exclusive :40 spot on their mobile device.

Once the video played, viewers could share the QR code with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

The use of a special QR code to access this exclusive Calvin Klein Jeans video is another way for the brand to deliver engaging content to consumers in an interactive way.

Advantages of QR codes

One of the biggest advantages of QR codes is brand activation.

QR codes activate traditional and digital media by providing an opportunity for the consumer to engage directly with the brand at time of viewing.

The ease of consumer experience is another advantage.

By leveraging mobile bar codes, consumers are simply able to scan the code and immediately be directed to their desired information, application, call center, coupon or video without having to enter long URLs or phone numbers from their mobile device.

In the case of Calvin Klein, the QR codes were a means of optimizing advertising real estate.

By embedding a mobile bar code on the billboards, Calvin Klein was able to include more information in a single visual code than it would if it had to include the product information.

“The analytics which are available to the brand through the bar code campaign will also enable them to measure statistics around the consumer’s interaction with the product or advertisement,” Ms. Marriott said.


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Trend Document Research: Diesel Be Stupid (Julia)

Diesel and Argentinian beer ads share top prize at Cannes

Mark, Wednesday 23 June 2010 07.07

  • A flesh-baring campaign for Diesel and a wheeze by an Argentinian beer brand to keep bar-loving men out of relationship trouble last night shared the top prize in the outdoor category at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival.
  • However, for the first time since the radio advertising category was introduced in 2005, the judges at the Cannes event have decided that no campaign was worthy of being awarded grand prix status.
  • In the outdoor advertising category the grand prix award was shared by clothing brand Diesel and Inbev-owned Argentinian beer Andes.
  • Fashion-brand Diesel, no stranger to risqué advertising, ran a campaign called “Be Stupid”.
  • A number of the ad executions, by ad agency Anomaly New York, featured more than a little flesh from models. One ad featured a girl on a ladder flashing her breasts at a CCTV camera, running with the line “Smart may have the brains, but stupid has balls”.

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Trend Document Research: Lynx Excite Augmented Reality Angels (Julia)

Lynx turns to outdoor augmented reality

by Maisie McCabe, 21 March 2011, 4:25pm

Unilever brand Lynx has used augmented reality “angels” on digital outdoor sites in London and Birmingham, as part of a campaign for its brand Lynx Excite that stars Kelly Brook.

Consumers looking at the digital screens at London Victoria rail station and outside the Bullring Shopping Centre in Birmingham, were able to interact with digital angels imposed into live footage of the consumers, being shown on digital screens.

On each outdoor site, on the station concourse at Victoria and on New Street in Birmingham, a halo image was drawn on the pedestrian zone in front of the billboard, with a notice encouraging people to stand in it.

When consumers stood in the halo, they saw themselves appear on the digital outdoor screen in front of them, alongside a virtual angel, which they could interact with (as seen in the video above).The outdoor activity involved WPP media agency Mindshare and out-of-home agency Kinetic, with production agency Grand Visual and JCDecaux in Victoria, and Ocean Outdoor in Birmingham.

The activity accompanies the “Even angels will fall” campaign created by Bartle Bogle Hegarty, and the Tullo Marshall Warren-created game, which allows consumers to tempt Kelly Brook, the only angel left in heaven, down to earth.

The idea behind the campaign is that the attraction of the Excite spray is so strong, that the angels grab their halos and fling them to the ground and the first TV ad, made by BBH, appeared last month.

The Lynx Excite range includes a body spray, APA deodorant, shower gel and eau de toilette, and is being backed by an £8.3m advertising and marketing campaign that includes TV, press, outdoor and digital.

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Trend Document Research: Puma Social Viral Video (Julia)

PUMA has taken a charming new angel on the passion of athletes in this video that honors the After Hours Athlete. The video is part of the new “PUMA Social” integrated campaign in which they “applaud the champions of late night games, from ping pong to foosball to phone numbers, and they wholeheartedly encourage the 5AM cab over the 5AM run.” The focus on everyday people which are just as dedicated as traditional sports athletes is both fun and refreshing.
Agency: Droga5


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Trend Document Research:Puma Social (Julia)

Puma social campaign creates a community of after hour athletes

Puma brings fun and irreverence to the sports sphere once again with the launch of ‘PUMA Social,’a new campaign bringing together after-hours athletes from around the world

BY: P.Chakravarty | Fri Feb 11, 2011
Aruliden for PUMA, Chalk ping pong table, Puma, Puma accessories, Puma shoes, PU

Are you a top shooter in foosball? A master at darts? A ping-pong sensation? Or a bowling wizard? If 5AM cab rides are more your style than 5AM runs, then PUMA Social was made for you. PUMA Social is where fans of old-school diversions can come together online and offline to share in social exchange and friendly competition.

The campaign is hinged by a number of elements including cheeky in-store adverts; a web and mobile application called Life Scoreboard—launched late last October–that allows users to keep a running score on anything and everything they want to turn into a competition; and a PUMA Social website that fuses PUMA-created and user-generated content that is updated dynamically on the site.

The website is designed to make it easy for PUMA Social-ites across the globe to share their own competitive scoreboards, connect with other users, and view party pictures and video from PUMA Social Clubs running in cities around the world. The site also enables users to generate points and fame by synching their social networking profiles (Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare). Additionally, PUMA Social Clubs are slated to open in key markets worldwide, beginning in Q4 2010 and extending into 2011.

“PUMA pioneered the idea of SportLifestyle and built our brand on having fun,” says Antonio Bertone, PUMA Chief Marketing Officer. “With the launch of PUMA Social, we are honoring groups of friends who know the joy of playing sports at the bar rather than at the gym. The campaign shuns the serious nature of organized sports and celebrates social sports that are timeless and authentic.”

The print and online ad campaign will feature groups of friends experiencing the nuanced and hilarious moments that only happen when people get together to bowl, play ping pong, sing karaoke or throw darts. The playful spirit of the PUMA brand is conveyed with sayings such as ‘Here’s to 5AM cabs, not 5AM runs;’ ‘Some marathons end at 6AM;’ ‘Sometimes victory is a phone number;’ and ‘Scoring leads to scoring.’ The PUMA Social ad campaign was created by PUMA’s lead advertising agency Droga5.

PUMA Social is about a distinct lifestyle rather than a specific product. Products that will be incorporated under the PUMA Social theme and featured in advertisements include iconic styles such as PUMA Suede and the T7 Track Jacket. The PUMA Suede is a classic basketball sneaker that is loved by collectors and non-collectors alike.

The upper is made of Suede, which is the flavour of the season, and hence the name. The PUMA Suede has been embraced by the hip-hop scene, complete with the matching fat laces. B-Boys adopted the Suede and it has become a timeless classic with its silhouette and streetwise swagger.

PUMA will also introduce a line of accessories that include t-shirts and ping pong paddles with more products to come. Last summer, PUMA unveiled the Chalk ping pong table, a modern update to the conventional ping pong table that features a write-on ceramic chalk surface. The Chalk table was designed by designed by Aruliden for PUMA.

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Even Angels Fall Viral Video (Drew)

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Awesome Viral Videos (Drew)

Jennifer Aniston Sex Tape

Can You Out Dance Kylie?

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